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Crosswinds Home Page

Crosswinds Logo Welcome to Crosswinds Flying Club. We are a local Bloomington, Illinois Flying Club located at the Central Illinois Regional Airport (BMI).


The purpose of this club is to meet on a social and friendly basis as frequently as possible for those people who are interested in safe flying to make available to the members, planes for purely pleasure noncommercial flying.

airplane Come Fly With Us

If you're a pilot, student pilot, or even thinking about flying, please feel free to contact us. We meet on the First Wednesday of every month at 7 PM in the EAA Hangar at the Central Illinois Regional Airport (BMI).

You can also contact one of our Club Officers for more information.

In accordance with FAA regulations, Crosswinds Flying Club does not provide charter, leasing, renting, or any other commercial services. It is not a flying school, although we welcome student pilots.