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Aircraft Rates **
Dry Rate per hour
PA28-161 - Piper Warrior - N2937R
PA28-181 - Piper Archer - N4149T
PA28-181 - Piper Archer - N8332H $70
PA28-236 - Dakota - N451X
PA28-236 - Dakota - N8122Z
PA28R-200 - Arrow - N4641F

** As of April 2023.

** Rates subject to change without notification on this site. Please confirm rates with a club officer.

Our aircraft rates are calculated as a dry tach hour. This means that members are required to fuel the planes themselves after flying. Many FBOs and clubs charge by Hobbs hours which start when the master switch is turned on or when the engine starts. Tach hours are usually less than Hobbs hours, because they don't start running until the engine is started, and the lower the RPMs, the fewer tach hours you use per hour. A tach hour equals a clock hour when the engine is running at 2400rpm. Because you spend a lot of time throttled below 2400rpm, this can be a significant saving (20-30%).

We charge per dry hour because fuel prices vary significantly from day to day and from airport to airport. See our links for information on 100LL fuel prices.