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About Us

It's Everything a Flying Club Should Be...

Crosswinds Flying Club was founded on the concept that aviation should be fun and affordable. In operation since 1967, we've consistently kept our fees and rates low to encourage members to maintain the highest levels of safety and proficiency.

The Club prides itself on the sharing of common interests, volunteerism superb training, maintenance and financial management.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a zero time student, you'll enjoy flying one of our four well-maintained IFR-capable aircraft, as well as socializing with fellow members. We work hard to help our members stay as safe and proficient as possible. With a number of experienced flight instructors associated with the Club, you can acquire certificates and ratings from private pilot through instrument and instructor, or just increase your proficiency.

The Club provides students and pilots with the opportunity to share with fellow pilots through meeting participation; social events and assisting with cleaning and maintenance. We are a not-for-profit organization operated by a board elected by Club members.